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A Guide to Burial and Cremation in Los Angeles

There’s so much to consider in preplanning funeral arrangements for a loved one if you live in the Los Angeles area. Whether you decide to go with cremation or a more traditional burial arrangement for you or your family member, making that choice can be challenging, especially with all of the options and costs associated with each selection. During the process of making funeral arrangements for a loved one, it’s important that you put together estimates and quotes in order to figure out what you want and can afford. Thankfully, Opal Cremation offers affordable cremation services to the Los Angeles region, for a transparent and simplified process for everyone involved.

But how do you select the right choice when it comes to cremation versus funeral arrangements? And what does each option involve in terms of services and offerings? Here are some price comparisons and how cremation matches up against traditional burial.

Cremation: $998 to $1425 (Opal offers a basic, all-inclusive package for under $1000)
Cremation with ceremony: $3,298 to $4,395
Expedited burial – without ceremony: $3,000 to $3,995

Straightforward Burial Arrangements in Los Angeles

In Southern California, if you wish to bury your loved one right away, then this is known as an expedited burial and usually does not involve any kind of service or viewing. Because immediate burials are so fast, there is no need for the body to be refrigerated.

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Traditional Burial Arrangements

Of all the funeral options, this is likely to be the one most people have experienced in some capacity. The customary burial option includes:

  • A viewing of the body with family, friends, and outsiders
  • Transportation that moves people from the funeral home to where the body will lay at rest
  • Refrigeration and embalming of the body
  • A memorial service and graveyard service

Direct Cremation Arrangements in L.A.

The most cost-effective option is direct cremation, which is where the body is cremated immediately rather than kept at a facility. With the least amount of steps in the process, this arrangement gives family and friends the time to grieve their loved one, without being caught up in additional responsibilities that come along with traditional arrangements. You can have a special service on your own, allowing for more independence and creativity in celebrating your loved one’s life.

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Cremation With a Ceremony

With this option, you and your family and friends can have a special ceremony to honor your loved one. However, with cremations in California, there is not a viewing of the body ahead of the service. The selected funeral home will give the family or designated family member the cremains and put on a service that celebrates the life of your loved one.

Looking for Assistance in the LA Area?

“When a loved one passes away, it can be incredibly overwhelming for friends and family, especially when it’s unexpected and something that the family didn’t have preplanned arrangements for.” says Opal Cremation of Los Angeles founder Troy Centazzo. “Not only does this element of surprise add to the emotional burden of accepting the loss, but it also might cause friends and family to be burdened with the costs associated with the death.” In this case, when trying to mourn the loss of a loved one, friends and family are also trying to figure out how to afford a proper send-off that honors the individual in the best way possible. The last thing a deceased family member would want for their family is to have them burdened by the financial responsibilities of their death.

If cremation or traditional funeral arrangements are outside of your budget or finances, there are financial assistance programs available to help people bury their loved ones, including sponsors for people who have lost a relative or friend due to crime. There are also specific sponsorship options in the state of California for certain losses including crime-related death and the passing of military veterans.. Whatever situation you are in, do some research to discover if there are any sponsorship options for you that can support you in paying for the arrangements.

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Do you have more questions about the cremation process or about arranging a funeral? Opal Cremation can walk you through expectations and how to start making a plan, step-by-step. Compassionate professionals are eagerly awaiting your call and will provide you with all of the information you need about Opal Cremation services. Or, get the process started online.

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