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About Sam Reyes-Godbee

Sam has worked in the funeral industry for over 7 years. She is currently a consultant and planner for California-based cremation service provider, Opal Cremation. As a multi-licensed professional, Sam leads with genuine care for the clients she serves and takes pride in her work while making a positive impact on the people she helps every day.

Professional Accolades:
Sam is a licensed funeral director, embalmer, funeral arranger, and crematory operator. She was the youngest person in the Southeast to receive all 4 of these licenses.

Additional Experience:
Before Opal, Sam spent several years working for Seasons Hospice, which is now part of AccentCare, Inc.

Posts by Sam Reyes-Godbee

What is a Death Doula?

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A death doula is someone who helps someone else in their transition of death. Not only can the doula assist the person who is dying, but they can also help families and friends as they deal with the loss. 

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