By Last Updated: January 4th, 2022

What Is Direct Cremation?

When a loved one passes, you’re faced with an overwhelming amount of choices. From funeral home arrangements and caskets, to flowers and eulogies, the tasks seem endless. Cremation is one option you can take to simplify the process. Cremation is a humane method and common burial tradition that actually dates back to ancient times. With direct cremation, the remains go directly to a crematory where they are transformed into ash within days of the death. 

Though direct cremation is a straightforward process, we are sure you still have plenty of questions. Opal Cremation is willing to take the time to help you understand your options.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional and Direct Cremation?

If you decide on a traditional cremation, your loved one’s body will be transported to a funeral home where it will be prepared for viewing. A wake and funeral service typically occur shortly after where people can come visit the body and pay their respects. Once these ceremonies are completed, the body is then cremated. The family can then choose what they would like to do with the remains, such as keep them in an urn or spread them across their deceased family member’s favorite location.

With direct cremation, however, the body goes immediately to a crematorium after passing. It typically bypasses the need for a funeral home or any kind of immediate funeral ceremony. There will be no visitations or need for a casket. The ashes are then returned to the family and they can decide to plan a memorial service on a later date.

man with arms wide open, looking up to beautiful sky after scattering cremated remains of loved one

What Are the Benefits of Direct Cremation?

Some people choose traditional cremation because they want to save on burial costs but still want to have a formal wake and funeral service. The deceased may have requested cremation in their will because they didn’t want to burden their families with the heavy price of burial, headstones, and ground maintenance.

Direct cremation services provide these same cost benefits with additional savings. Many people can’t afford all that comes with a traditional funeral, including body preparation, casket rental, flowers, food, and funeral home fees. Direct cremation is the most affordable option for families on the budget, providing them with a simple, compassionate service that won’t put them in debt. Additionally, since there’s no need for rushed funeral planning, the family can take their time to grieve and plan a memorial service when they are ready.

You Can Trust Opal With Your Loved One’s Direct Cremation

When you lose a family member, you shouldn’t have to be burdened with the pressure of funeral planning and insufferable costs. This is your time to grieve in your way.  Opal Cremation is there to walk you through this difficult time. Serving Los Angeles, San Diego, and  Orange County, Opal can take care of your loved one’s remains in a manner that’s simple, compassionate, and affordable. You can make all of the arrangements online or over the phone, and we will mail the ashes directly to you. With Opal, you’ll get the peace of mind and support that you deserve.

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