By Published On: June 30th, 2021

5 Ideas for a Unique Memorial Celebration After Cremation

Celebrating the life of a loved one after they pass is kind of like their last party. For this reason, so many families and friends want to make sure it’s special. There are all sorts of ideas about how to honor the deceased. Should you go with a traditional memorial service or opt for a more modern life celebration? As an all-inclusive direct cremation service, Opal Cremation is happy to help plan this event. We provide many personalized options to integrate passions, hobbies, loves, and family without upselling you with funeral costs. 

When you choose cremation over a burial, you have time to plan a unique and purposeful memorial for your friend or family member. With more and more people deciding to remember their loved ones in an out-of-the-box way (pun unintended), you may want to consider these options for a meaningful memorial:

1. Go for a Commemorative Hike

Was the deceased an avid hiker or outdoorsman? Southern California has many surrounding trails and parks which offer the perfect place for hiking. Honor the departed with one last trek. 

2. Create a Scholarship in Their Memory

Was the deceased an educator? Creating a scholarship in lieu of flowers is a great way to honor a passed teacher, tutor, or professor. By helping a student, you’ll see the person’s influence continue to live on.

3. Host a Celebratory Open Mic Night

Was your late friend or family member the life of the party? Their last hurrah should be filled with memories and laughter. Host an open mic night and give everyone the floor. Each person will have a chance to speak from their heart, sing a song, or act out a memory.

4. Pay Tribute to Them with Their Favorite Candy

Was your loved one known for a favorite candy? Perhaps they kept it in their purse, pocket, or in a jar on a shelf. That candy was iconic. To memorialize your loved one, provide that favorite treat for all their friends and family. You can even create personalized labels to make it even more special.

5. Honor Their Memory with a Hashtag

With social media becoming more and more the norm, people have online lives in addition to their offline ones. To honor social media mavens and gurus, you could create an honorary hashtag. Think of it like a virtual memorial. Encourage attendees and participants to share thoughts, memories, and photos. You can also memorialize a deceased person’s Facebook page. 

Plan a Unique Memorial Celebration with Opal Cremation 

What kind of unique celebration should you have for your loved one? Only you can really answer that. Think about what made your friend or family member special. Write down what you’ll miss about them. Then contact Opal Cremation of Southern California to plan the fondest farewell for your loved one.

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