By Last Updated: January 17th, 2022

Opal Cremation and the Impact of Covid on the Funeral Industry in 2022

As we all know, COVID has left an impact on virtually everything around the world, and that inevitably includes funeral and cremation facilities.

Thankfully, Opal Cremation, due to our digital footprint and concierge-level service, has not been as negatively impacted as more traditional funeral homes and centers. Even so, Opal wants to let you know what we are doing to combat the challenges presented by COVID and how we plan to move forward.

First and foremost, Opal Cremation aims to help families through the grieving process by providing streamlined services that allow loved ones the time and space to mourn. Here are some of the actions we are taking in order to provide the utmost safety and care to families as well.

Your Loved One and Removal Care

It’s no secret that many businesses and organizations across the country are overextended at the moment, due to supply chain issues, staff health and safety, as well as employee retention issues. Because of this, there might be an unavoidable delay when it comes to transporting a loved one from a hospital or nursing care facility. Opal Cremation is also concerned about the spread of COVID for everyone involved, and in order to keep employees and family members safe, we will ask you if you or your loved one has recently tested positive for the Coronavirus. We also adhere to CDC guidelines and suggestions at all times.

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Make Sure the Appropriate Property is Removed/Secured

If your loved one does test positive for COVID, there might be some obstacles in family members ability to secure property on the body before Opal Cremation transports the deceased. We ask that you check in with the hospital or nursing care facility, if appropriate, to make sure you are able to retrieve the items you would like to keep. Most likely, the hospital or facility will be able to keep the items for you until you are able to get them.

The reason why we ask family members and next of kin to make sure they have a way to retrieve property from the deceased is because this can cause a delay in the cremation process. Opal Cremation staff is not permitted to take any items from your loved one while they are with us.

Delays in Death Certificates

Like everything else related to COVID, processing death certificates has also been delayed since hospitals and staff members are overwhelmed with the volume  of death certificate requests, in addition to their other other responsibilities. Many health departments are processing death certificates by appointment only, with a wait time for the mailing of certificates as well.

Another reason why we mention the delays is because Opal Cremation cannot complete the cremation process without securing the death certificate, so that could also delay procedures.

Morgues at Capacity

In addition, morgues and temperature-controlled storage facilities are also overcrowded due to COVID. Thus, the transportation of the deceased to Opal Cremation could be delayed.

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The Mailing/Retrieval Process

Opal Cremation uses Priority Mail Express when it comes to the proper accommodations regarding the shipment of your loved one’s cremains. However, the United States Postal Service has experienced issues tracking shipments, which has resulted in Opal Cremation encountering obstacles tracking loved one’s cremains. We ask that you be patient with the process and double-check that you have the right physical address to avoid delivery delays.

In order to abide by current COVID guidelines, we no longer offer the option for families to retrieve the cremains in person.

Why Opal Cremation Is the Safest Cremation Option in California

As a digital-first cremation service provider, Opal Cremation is ahead of the curve when it comes to providing hands-off services for families. Because cremation allows for families and friends to keep the cremains without the need for refrigeration or coolers, families are able to delay funerals until we are globally in a safer place COVID-wise. Patrons also don’t have to worry about exposure, since Opal will mail the cremains to family members, limiting the need for face to face contact. In addition, Opal Cremation’s Removal Care Team strictly adheres to CDC guidelines and PPE conduct regarding removal of a body to protect its patrons and employees.

Do you have questions about the cremation process and how everything works when it comes to arrangements? Opal Cremation can walk you through step by step what’s expected and how to go about starting to make plans. Compassionate professionals are eagerly awaiting your call and will provide you with all of the information you need about Opal’s cremation services.

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