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Celebrity Tributes and Famous Farewells

In the age of social media, celebrity tributes have become more and more popular, especially with the ability to publicly post about the celebrity. In fact, celebrity tributes have become so popular that if a celebrity is trending on Twitter, many fans have a bit of a panic attack, assuming that their favorite actor, musician, or artist is trending because they have passed away. There are many psychological reasons why we grieve celebrities, including a sense of nostalgia, looking for escape, and even coping with anxiety and depression, and this grief should be treated as seriously as any other grief. Many times engaging with celebrity tributes and famous farewells actually helps with the mourning process. Here are some of the most memorable celebrity tributes in recent memory.

Mark Hamill’s Tribute to Carrie Fisher

They played intergalactic siblings on screen, but in real life, they also had a deep connection. When Carrie Fisher passed away in 2016, Mark Hamill wrote a touching tribute in a Facebook post, saying: “I am grateful for the laughter, the wisdom, the kindness & even the bratty, self-indulgent crap my beloved space-twin gave me through the years. Thanks Carrie. I love you, mh”.

The Academy’s Tribute to Robin Williams

Sometimes it doesn’t take many words at all to get a message across. When Robin Williams passed away in 2014, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences took to Twitter to eulogize the Academy Award winner with one short message: An image of Aladdin hugging Genie with the caption: “Genie, you’re free.”

famous farewell tribute photos of Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana

Elton John’s Tribute to Marilyn Monroe & Princess Diana

“Goodbye, Norma Jean.” This first memorable celebrity tribute didn’t come immediately after the celebrity passed away. In 1973, Elton John released the song “Candle in the Wind” in honor of Marilyn Monroe, 11 years after she died. Rolling Stone would name it one of the greatest songs of all time. Then, in 1997 when Princess Diana passed away, Elton John repurposed the tribute to be “Goodbye, England’s Rose.”

Fast and Furious Franchise and Fans’ Tribute to Paul Walker

When actor Paul Walker succumbed to a car accident, Fast and Furious fans put together an impromptu fan celebrity memorial that included a car rally. Then, when Fast and Furious 7 was released a few months later, the film included a tribute to him that included some CGI magic, a montage, and our hero riding off into the sunset.

John Travolta’s Tribute to Olivia Newton John

After actress and songstress Olivia Newton John passed away, many fans remarked that they couldn’t help but think of Sandy riding off into the sky at the end of Grease. Her on-screen beau in the film, John Travolta, wrote a touching tribute to her on Instagram, saying: “My dearest Olivia, you made all of our lives so much better. Your impact was incredible.”

celebrity tribute to actor Bill Paxton, gps coordinates in tornado alley

Storm Chasers’ Tribute to Bill Paxton

Actor Bill Paxton performed in both TV shows and movies, including HBO’s Big Love and Aliens,  but of all his projects, the action flick Twister, about chasing tornadoes, might be the one he’s most known for. The film was so memorable that when he passed away in 2017, several real-life storm chasers created his initials of the tornado alley using GPS markers.

Meaningful Ways to Honor Your Loved One

While not all celebrity tributes are financially feasible (Michael Jackson’s funeral was televised and held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in 2009), that doesn’t mean that you can’t put on a memorable tribute for your loved one. You can have a celebration of life event, spend the day doing your loved one’s favorite things, scatter their ashes in a special spot, plant a memorial garden, and more. There are so many options—all you need is a little creativity and heart.

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