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From Ivana Trump to Indonesia: Strange Burials and Graves Around the World

The untimely death of Ivana Trump shocked everyone across all political aisles, with Donald Trump’s first wife succumbing to injuries from an accidental fall in her townhouse in New York City. But as shocked as everyone was by the news of Ivana’s death, they were even more stunned to learn where she was going to be buried. . .at one of her ex-husband’s New Jersey golf courses.

But while this final resting place sounds a little odd, especially considering that she and Donald Trump are no longer married, for whatever reason Ivana Trump’s funeral plans included burial at Bedminster Golf Club, where she officially joins a long line of strange burials in history and around the world.

8 Strange Graves in the World

Tree Graves

In Indonesia, when children and babies perish, the Toraja people will create a little tree hollow and bury the bodies there, with a small crude-looking wooden door over each set of remains. It is the belief of the Toraja that this provides dead with the opportunity to become one with nature.

sports stadium in los angeles - ash scattering for fans

Sports Stadium

Many sports enthusiasts are known to spread a loved one’s ashes or cremains at important spots like stadiums. When the Vicente Calderon Stadium in Madrid Spain was demolished, the columbarium holding soccer fan’s ashes was transported to the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium so these superfans wouldn’t ever miss a game.

In a Road Median

When Nancy Kerlin Barnett was buried in 1831, her final resting place was a grassy hill. However, when a road was slated to be built on this spot some 70 years later, her family refused to move her grave. Eventually, the road was built and they a created a tombstone on the median.

The Most Popular Cemetery in the World

Not sure where you want your final remains to be? Want to share a plot near Frederic Chopin and Oscar Wilde? Then you’ll want to try to secure a spot at Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France. Because of the famous dwellers in this cemetery, more than 3.5 million people visit each year, and while there are spaces available, it’s pretty tough to get a plot.

On an Airport Runway

If you’ve ever flown into the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport in Georgia, then you’ve probably landed on the grave of Richard and Catherine Dotson. The Dotsons weren’t flight enthusiasts—they just happened to be buried there before the land was appropriated by the military in the 1940s and became a place for the Army Air Corps to train.

Washington Square Park in NYC with large gathering of people

Washington Square Park in New York City

Today, most people think of this landmark as a place to walk their dogs or maybe even a tourist site for photos, but between 1797 and 1825, thousands were buried in Washington Square Park as a potter’s field—a burial ground for people who were poor, criminals, or who perished from an epidemic. Many of the individuals buried here were believed to have died from yellow fever.

In a Restaurant

Some food is to die for, and at the New Lucky Restaurant in India, you’ll be dining in a restaurant that was built around a cemetery. When owner Krishnan Kutti purchased the land to build the eatery, he didn’t realize that there were graves and headstones infringing on the construction, so he decided to include them in the restaurant.

Behind a Walmart

Yes, really. A parking lot behind a Walmart in Decatur, Georgia is home to the historic Crowley graveyard that was first created in the 1800s. Of course the Walmart wasn’t there in the 1800s, but when industry grew in Decatur, they leveled the area for a shopping mall and a Walmart, but kept the graves.

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